Modifikasi Perencanaan Pondasi Tiang Pancang Sebagai Alternative Pengganti Pondasi Bore Pile Pada Nagoya Hill Hotel Ditinjau Dari Metode Kerja, Daya Dukung Dan Biaya Pelaksanaannya


  • Darwin Nasution Universitas Batam
  • Panusunan Universitas Batam
  • Edi Indera Universitas Batam


The foundation is the most important part of a building. In development can not be separated from the cost. Financial planning in a construction project is done by calculating the estimated construction costs needed in planning the development of an infrastructure. will be carried out to answer and convince the owner of the capital (owner). So that the pile foundation was chosen as an alternative to the bore pile foundation. Then an analysis is carried out in terms of work methods, carrying capacity and implementation costs, which is one of the most economical. The data used for planning uses secondary data from field investigations, namely land data (Sondir test), SAP2000 Output Table of existing buildings and implementation costs. Then the calculation analysis is carried out for the planning of the pile foundation on the building. From the calculation results obtained for planning with a pile foundation measuring 40cm x 40cm, foundation P1 = 2 points, P2 = 5 points, P3 = 6 points, P4 = 9 points, P4A = 8 points, P5 = 12 points, PL1 = 5 point, P2L = 4 points. Based on the results of the calculation of the cost of implementing the pile foundation of Rp.2,091,500,000 while the cost of implementing the existing drill pile foundation is Rp. 2,346,989,124.50, the difference between the cost of the pile foundation and the drill pile foundation is Rp. 255,489,124.50 of these differences, the more efficient is the pile foundation.