Penggunaan Common-Mode Filter dan Differential-Mode Filter Pada EMI Driver Lampu LED


  • Djoko Anwar Mardiono Universitas Batam
  • Gunawan Toto Hadiyanto Universitas Batam
  • Intan Kumala Sari Universitas Batam



EMI, Common-Mode Filter, Differential-Mode Filter


Power Energy  efficiency for public application commonly used driver IC  that operate by (Pulse Width  Modulation) PWM, The effect of this implementation will generate EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) that can make  radio signal distortion or other electronic distortion in the around device area. The action to reduce the  signal distortions shall use Filter implementation in the electronic device circuit. The filter to reduce signal distortion are  power line filter or ferrite beads filter. Power line filter used for reduce and to filtering  noise signal from Power line source from PLN power line or from power line distribution Conduction emission., The ferrite beads filter implementation for noise reduction or filtering from Source power supply to load. Implement of both filters at the circuit diagram will impact to reduce noise signal that make distortion to the signal source.

Author Biographies

Djoko Anwar Mardiono, Universitas Batam

Teknik Elektro, Universitas Batam, Batam,Indonesia

Gunawan Toto Hadiyanto, Universitas Batam

Teknik Elektro, Universitas Batam, Batam,Indonesia

Intan Kumala Sari, Universitas Batam

Teknik Elektro, Universitas Batam, Batam,Indonesia


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