Evaluasi Kinerja Struktur Pada Gedung Bertingkat Dengan Analisa Respon Spektrum Menggunakan Software Etabs Versi 2013


  • Edi Indera Universitas Batam
  • Putut Prayitno Universitas Batam
  • Fauzan Universitas Batam


Indonesia is an earthquake-prone country with different levels of seismic activity in each region. The earthquake area in Indonesia is divided into 6 (six) earthquake zones according to SNI  1726 - 2002. Batam is included in the zone 1 (one) area with a low level of seismicity, so the high-rise building structure is planned for earthquakes that have been regulated in SNI 03-1726-2002 and SNI 03-2847-2002. Therefore, this final project discusses the design of earthquake load-bearing structures with ordinary moment resisting frame systems with the aim of getting the best structural system in terms of strength, stiffness, durability and economics of structures in high-rise buildings. The design of the building structure used the 2013 ETABS program with the adjustment of the strength parameters of the material used. Quality of concrete (f'c = 30MPa) & quality of reinforcing steel (fy=400MPa) From the structural design analysis, it is found that the stiffness, strength and resistance of the ordinary moment-bearing frame system with the dimensions of the upper structural components of the main portal are columns measuring 600mm x 900mm and beams measuring 300mm x 700mm.