Analisa Rele Gangguan Tanah Untuk Menjaga Keandalan Sistem Tenaga Listrik Pada PT.X Menggunakan ETAP 12.6.0


  • Rahmat Saputra Universitas Batam
  • Jumadril JN Universitas Batam
  • Djoko Anwar Mardiono Universitas Batam


In maintaining the quality and maintaining the quantity of production, PT. X is trying to reduce blackouts in the distribution of electricity. One of the causes of blackouts in the distribution of electricity is a single-phase short-circuit current to ground. The protection that functions to secure the single-phase short-circuit current to the ground is the ground fault relay. The reason this relay works is due to a short-circuit to ground fault that occurs in the electric power distribution system at PT. X. Therefore, it is hoped that the GFR protection relay will work as well as possible so as not to cause a total blackout and cause other equipment to be damaged which will disrupt the production process of PT. X. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to evaluate the settings of the GFR protection relay that has been applied to the PT. X power distribution system by conducting simulations using ETAP 12.6.0 software. Key words : Fault, Protection, ground fault relay (GFR), ETAP 12.6.0